The upcoming public release of the National Wetland Condition Assessment report is an opportunity for states and tribes to promote the work they are doing at the state level to protect and preserve wetlands, as well as highlight specific needs, for program development to protect and conserve state wetland resources.  For this reason, ASWM has developed a set of communications templates for state and tribal use, if desired, to share the purpose and findings of the NWCA while simultaneously tailoring this information for individual states and tribes.  EPA is expected to release the report on the 2011 NWCA findings this fall.  

ASWM provides states and tribes with the following template documents:

Providing template communications documents this summer, provides states and tribes time to:

  1. Review the templates,
  2. Modify and revise the templates to meet specific state/tribal needs,
  3. Populate the templates with state-adapted information, photos, stats, links, etc.;
  4. Work through the communications approval processes within the state/tribe to have the documents ready for use when the document is released in the fall (reminder that this process can take up to 3 months).

ASWM’s templates have been designed as a starting point for states and tribes.  ASWM encourages those who chose to work with the templates to take the time to revise them to be useful communications tools for an individual state or tribe.  The templates have been vetted and improved through a working group of three states and one tribe over the past six months.  They have also been reviewed by EPA NWCA Staff to ensure information about the NWCA is accurate, but they are a product of the Association of State Wetland Managers, not EPA.  They are designed to support state and tribal communications about the NWCA.

ASWM welcomes any questions about the templates or how to complete them.  However, ASWM is not able to develop the final products for individual states/tribes.  Please contact Brenda Zollitsch, ASWM Policy Analyst with questions at  or (207) 892-3399.


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