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Section 7.  Technical and Financial Assistance for Wetland Restoration, Creation or Information Campaign


Financial and technical support is key to any comprehensive wetlands and watershed management program. Included in this section is a compilation of resources including funding sources available and agencies that provide technical assistance. For field guides to wetlands and the plants and animals found in them, refer to Appendix D.

Financial Assistance
There are numerous state, federal and nonprofit programs that fund wetland and watershed planning and protection. Two complete references on funding are listed below.  Other sources of funding include open-space bonding or budgeting general funds for the acquisition, restoration, or protection of wetlands or for the development of a wetland and watershed management plan.

Technical Assistance
Many tools are available to aid a community on identifying and mapping wetland resources and most can be found at their County Soil and Water Conservation District or local planning office.  These tools include NYS Freshwater Wetland maps, soil surveys, National Wetland Inventory maps, aerial photos, and USGS topography. The National Wetlands Inventory Project website provides users with information about the characteristics, extent and status of specific wetland and deepwater habitats. The website allows users to view and print maps of local wetlands; purchase hard copy wetland maps, view or purchase wetland-related publications from the USFWS, and view power point presentations.  The website is The NYS GIS Clearinghouse provides digital maps of wetlands as well and is at

Finally, there are state, federal and private environmental professionals who are available to assist in the identification and mapping of wetlands. If a private consultant is needed, the Society of Wetland Scientists provides a registry of certified Professional Wetland Scientists on their website at




An Introduction and User's Guide to Wetland Restoration, Creation, and Enhancement Designed to achieve two goals: introduce non-technical readers to the basics of wetland projects including planning, implementing, and monitoring; and direct interested persons to documents and resources specific to a particular region or wetland type. Interagency Workgroup on Wetland Restoration, 2002.

“Conservation Districts and You: Services Provided by Soil and Water Conservation Districts” For copies contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District.

Guiding Principles for Constructed Treatment Wetlands: Providing for Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat. EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds, 2000. Additional copies available from the Wetlands Hotline: 800-832-7828.

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Common Questions Pertaining to Wetland Assessment, Association of State Wetland Managers, 1998.

Funding Sources and Tips on Grant Applications for Watershed Protection and Restoration. NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 2000. For additional copies e-mail . Also available on the Toolkit companion CD.

“Table 6: Some Principal Wetland Data Sources” Excerpted from “Protecting Nontidal Wetlands”. American Planning Association Planning Advisory Service Report Number 412/413. December 1988.

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Relevant Web Site Links:

Financial Assistance
Federal Commons Grants Management Portal                     
EPA Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
EPA Wetlands Grant Site                                                 
EPA Environmental Finance Program
National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program   
NRCS Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program
NYS Conf. Of Mayors and Mun. Officials – Grant Link
Hudson River Estuary Grants Program

Technical Data and Assistance
USFWS - The National Wetlands Inventory
Syracuse Blue Print Company, Inc. [NY wetland maps]
New York State Soil Surveys List
New York State Hydric Soils List
New York State Hydric Soils Field Indicators List
Digital Soil Data for New York State
EPA Watershed Tools Directory
EPA OWOW Constructed Wetlands Publications page
COE Wetlands Regulatory Assistance Program
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
NYS DEC Freshwater Wetlands Permit Application         
NYS DEC Tidal Wetlands Permit Application                    
NYS DEC Watershed Restoration and Protection
NYS DEC Key to Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
NYS Natural Heritage Program
Society of Wetland Scientists
NYS Soil and Water Conservation Committee
River Corridor and Wetland Restoration Update
BAWWG Wetland Biassessment publications
Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.