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Section 6.  Outreach and Information Campaigns for Wetlands and Watersheds


How does a municipality get information about wetlands across to landowners, whether it is wetlands functions and values or regulations?  How does a municipality get landowners to care about wetlands and their existence?  How does a municipality get landowners to then participate in a wetland and watershed management plan, follow through on a wetlands permitting process, protect their wetland in perpetuity or participate in any other activity involving wetland management?  An outreach and information campaign is a key aid to municipalities in accomplishing these goals.  Educating the various players as to their roles and responsibilities is a vital step.  Below are some resources that can direct a community or organization in establishing and implementing a wetland and watershed outreach and information campaign.  The enclosed resources like most of those contained here in may be photocopied and distributed as needed. 




  • Wetlands Outreach: Getting the Message Out: New Techniques and Partners for the Millennium [338 kb PDF file]. Association of Wetland Managers, 2001.
  • Welcome to the Wetlands.  Poster; EPA Region 5, 1997; Watersheds. Poster. EPA Region 2, 1999. Both posters available by calling the EPA Wetlands Hotline at 800-832-7828
  • “Tips for Wetlands Protection.” EPA Region 5, 1999. Available from the Wetlands Hotline: 800-832-7828 
  • Wetlands Walk Manual and Wetlands Walk Manual - Data Sheets. EPA Region 10, 1996.
  • The Volunteer Monitor: Wetlands. National Newsletter of Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring, Spring 1998.
  • The Young Scientist’s Introduction to Wetlands. Army Corps of Engineers, 1993.  
  • The Wetlands Reading List. EPA OWOW Wetlands, 1997. 

Relevant Websites:

Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA)
IWLA American Wetlands Month Campaign Kit
USFWS Wetlands Reports and Publications
National Wildlife Federation
National Audubon Society
National Association of Conservation Districts
The Watercourse: “WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands”
NRCS Backyard Conservation Series
EPA Wetlands Information Hotline Publications