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Section 2.  Establishing a Wetland and Watershed Management Program


Wetland and watershed management is an approach that integrates wetland ecosystem management with traditional water and watershed management goals and techniques. It manages water resources, taking into account the functions and values of wetlands, and it manages wetlands in broader water regime and ecosystem contexts. It can be called watershed management, river basin planning, greenway planning, water planning, advanced identification of wetlands, wetland planning, multi-objective floodplain management, or by another name.

An individual, organization, agency, academic institution, or other party can initiate the establishment of a wetland and watershed planning and management effort. Leaders of the effort require the ability to draw other individuals, groups and organizations together to form and implement a common vision for wetlands and water resources. The essential steps of establishing a wetland and watershed plan vary somewhat and are listed in the Common Questions brochure enclosed.

Local governments often begin a wetland and watershed management planning effort in response to current water resource related issues and problems, land use planning goals, etc. Many local governments have found it useful to begin efforts by inventorying flood impacts, reduced water quality, loss of habitat, and other water problems. Such a survey may provide the basis and incentive for more detailed mapping of wetlands and more detailed watershed assessment and planning to remedy problems and meet future needs. Section 7 provides additional information about technical resources and funding available.

The publications included here discuss in some detail the characteristics of watersheds, the importance of wetlands to watersheds, and how to develop and implement a watershed management effort.




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