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Project Director: Jennifer Brady-Connor - Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.
Research: Jennifer Brady-Connor and Susan Brent - Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc. Barbara Beall, PWS - New York State Wetlands Forum, Inc.
Editor: Sharon Weaver, Association of State Wetland Managers, Inc.

Assistance from ASWM Executive Director Jeanne Christie, Associate Director Jon Kusler and ASWM Staff Sharon Weaver and Mary Hampton was essential to the completion of this project, and we thank you.  Also, many thanks to the interns who assisted in preparation of the binders, including hole-punching, collating, photocopying, stuffing, labeling the toolkit binders, including Jenna Newton, Amanda Lewis, and Brittany Sader.

Special thanks are also extended to the people who advised us along the way, including:

Dana Chapman, Agricultural Consulting Services

David Church, NY Planning Federation

Michael Corey, NYS Department of State

Christine DeLorier, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Todd Fabozzi, Capital District Regional Planning Commission

David Fallon, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

George Hodgson, Saratoga County Environmental Management Council

Barbara Kendall, Dutchess County Environmental Management Council

James McCardell, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

Les Monostory, Onondaga County Council on Environmental Health

Fred Mushacke, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Patricia Riexinger, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Elizabeth Smith-Holmes, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Todd Stevenson, Monroe County Health Department

Ralph Tiner, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Roland Vosburgh, Columbia County Planning Department

Matthew Witten, US Environmental Protection Agency

Jeff Zappieri, NYS Department of State

Appreciation is also extended to those who anonymously returned questionnaires when this project was progressing from the abstract into reality.  The ideas and suggestions submitted were helpful in shaping its development.

Special thanks to the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, whose foresight in developing a local wetland toolkit has provided the inspiration for this and other projects.

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Phone: 518-872-1804; Fax: 518-872-1804, E-Mail

Although preparation of this “Wetland and Watershed Protection Toolkit for New York” was funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Wetlands Division. Although developed under Grant Assistance Agreement # X992998-99-0, the views represented in this product should not be interpreted to be those of the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) is a membership based, nonprofit organization established in 1983.  The Association was created to help build the nation’s capability to protect and manage wetlands and other waters in both the public and private sector, to promote the exchange and dissemination of information about wetlands and other waters, and to educate the public concerning the varied aspects of wetlands protection and management.  The Association carries out various activities to achieve this goal including conferences, workshops, paper and electronic publications and field trips.