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~by Leah Stetson

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Convergence: Where Streams & Stories Connect (3/21/13)

Hurricane Sandy and the Love Lives of Horseshoe Crabs (3/14/13)

A Day at Swamp School: Wetland Ferns (2/28/13)

Endangered Species Act Turns 40 (2/14/13)

Lost Woods & New Titles on the Wetland Bookshelf (1/31/13)

Lutes & Lily Ponds ~ Classical Music Inspired by Wetlands (1/17/13)

What’s Your Wetlands Word for 2013? (1/3/13)

Sea Level Rise Tools & Tracking Hurricane Sandy’s Impacts (11/20/12)

Surging Seas, Hybrid Storms & Wetlands (11/9/12)

Swamp Music Revisited: A New Take on William Blake (10/22/12)

Haunted Wetlands (10/11/12)

ASWM Attends Fall Sustainability Festival at SJC (9/28/12)

Isaac: The Water Went Where it Had Never Gone Before (9/11/12)

Watershed Modeling & Wetland Mapping (8/23/12)

Afflicted Bats Need Avengers; Bat Counters Needed (8/7/12)

Pond Scum: the Good, the Bad and the Sludgy (7/20/12)

Restoring Lost Ecological Connections: Fish Ladders and Dam Removal (6/13/12)

It’s “Dating” Season for Toads (5/30/12)

Tar Sands, Pipeline Proposals & Wetlands (5/10/12)

The State of the Gulf Coast Wetlands—Two Years After the B.P. Oil Spill (4/26/12)

Effective Videos on Climate Change Impacts to Water & Wetlands (4/12/12)

Lakes, Ponds & Wetlands: the Destiny of Waters (4/2/12)

A Land Ethic 60 Years Later: Growth of the Land Trust Movement/span (3/13/12)

From Bough to Bog: Reflections on Wetland Trees in Winter (2/23/12)

2012, Year of the Black Water Dragon—Or, Water Dam Year (2/6/12)

Gone Ice Fishin’—Ice Ice Maybe? (1/30/12)

Climate Change Takes a Toll on the American Red Cross with Extreme Weather-Related Disasters (1/12/12)

Romantic Ecology – Fairy Tale or Serious Thing? (12/19/11)

Sons & Daughters of the Nature-Study Movement (12/2/11)

A Strange Wetlands Halloween: How to Make a “Swampthing” Costume (10/21/11)

Strange Wetlands: Back to School, Wetlands as Classrooms (9/29/11)

Strange Wetlands: So Excellent a Fishe ~ Sea Turtle Conservation History (9/16/11)

Strange Wetlands: Fact or Fiction? Supernatural Wetlands (9/02/11)

Water Lilies & Floating Ferns ~ Dip into the Deep Past of Aquatic Plants (8/19/11)

Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material – Are you Picking Up What I’m Putting Down (or vice verse)? (8/12/11)

Legends of the Snapping Turtle (Part 2) (7/29/11)

Sleuthing Out the Truth About Snapping Turtles (Part 1) (7/21/11)

Nature Guides & Summer Reading on the ASWM Wetland Bookshelf (7/08/11)

The Gastropods that Restore Us (7/01/11)

Fun Wetland TV Shows (6/24/11)

When Wetlands Call for the Firefighters (6/17/11)

Strange Wetlands: What’s Their Angle? (6/10/11)

Dragonflies: Baby Got Brackish (6/3/11)

Is this Code for Wetlands? See ASWM’s Wetland Wordle (5/27/11)

Endangered Species Day – The First List (5/20/11)

River of Avon—Providing a Wetland Link Between the Living and the Dead, Mysteries of Stonehenge Revealed in an Ancient Streambed (5/13/11)

Once upon a Vernal Pool (5/6/11)

Virtual Green Book Clubs (4/28/11)

Working in Wetlands: Not for the Faint of Foot (4/22/11)

Lost Worlds, Wetlands Lost (3/26/11)

Assumption: Don’t Play this over Untamed Waters (3/10/11)

The “Other” Wetland Heroes (3/02/11)

Assessing the Eager Beaver (2/18/11)

Grab Your Mud Boots ~ Hunting and Fishing in Wetlands (2/11/11)

Wild Things Look for New Haunts, Creep into Our World (2/07/11)

Prairie Potholes—A Push for Protection (2/02/11)

Winter Carnivals (1/21/11)

Rare Weasels of Winter (1/17/11)

Pearl Jam, 20 Years of Environmental Activism (1/07/11)

A Whole New Bear (12/24/10)

A Jolly Elf’s Permafrosty Home and Other Wetland Fairy Tales (12/17/10)

Swan Lake, A Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauties (12/10/10)

Swamp & Moor as Metaphors in Urban Talk, Literature, Pop-Culture (12/03/10)

College Mascots that Came from Wetlands (11/19/10)

Streaming “Stream Data” on an iPhone (11/12/10)

UNWANTED: Don’t Let it Loose! (11/05/10)

Save the Eels – New Book by Trout Illustrator, James Prosek (10/29/10)

R.O.U.S. –Capybara—the Master of the Grasses (10/22/10)

Fortune-telling with Wetland Plants (10/15/10)

Fringe Corals—Wetlands at the Outer Edge (10/08/10)

Strange Wetlands Goes Down Under (10/01/10)

Green Chemistry and Pollution Prevention Week (9/24/10)

Talking Pirates & Parrots (9/17/10)

It’s the End of the Wet World as We Know It – A Strange Wetlands Top 10 List: Post-Apocalyptic Movies with a (Lack of) Water Theme (9/10/10)

Living with Less & an Island Love Story (9/03/10)

Rhino, the Come-back Kid (8/27/10)

Eat Pray Love ~ What He Doesn’t Know Might Eat Him (8/23/10)

Color Me Wetland (part 2): Season to Season (8/13/10)

Color Me Wetland (part 1): Illustrators Then & Now (8/06/10)

The Wetland Phobia Factor (7/30/10)

Tricky, Trendy Templates (7/23/10)

Chasing Storms—Leave it to the Professionals (7/16/10)

Still Learning About Sea Level Rise (7/09/10)

Down in a Hole ~ a Stormwater Protection Story (7/02/10)

Hysteria over Pfiesteria and Other Pesky Phytoplankton (6/25/10)

Teen-Moose (6/18/10)

Tale of Two Bog Bikes (6/11/10)

Legacy Nature Preserve, Restoring Part of the Salt Lake Ecosystem (6/04/10)

Osprey Spy-Cam! Biodiversity Research Institute (5/28/10)

Strange Wetlands will return next week. (5/21/10)

Weird and Wild Venus Flytraps (5/14/10)

Weed Recipes: Eat Invasives (5/07/10)

Great Swamp Rescue Stories (4/30/10)

Murals – Wetlands on a Grand Display (4/26/10)

Move Over, Mangrove! Make room for the beachside resort… (4/16/10)

Oddly Common Indicators for Wetlands (4/09/10)

Observing Environmental Dates Then & Now (3/26/10)

Trout in the Classroom (3/19/10)

Harbingers of Spring & Vernal Pool Training (3/12/10)

Keep a Sense of Humor (3/05/10)

Creating a Botanical World in “Avatar” Movie (2/25/10)

Scouts Earn Wetland Badges (2/19/10)

Trends in Comments on Wetlands News Stories (2/12/10)

Romantic Wetland Getaways (2/05/10)

Variation on a New Theme for World Wetlands Day (1/29/10)

Ode to Swampthing (1/22/10)

iPhone Apps for Wetlands (1/15/10)

Interesting Green Degrees (1/08/10)

Eco-cops and Environmental Regulators (12/18/09)

Marsh is the New Muse (12/11/09)

Wild Nights Caught on Camera (12/04/09)

From the Bog to the Thanksgiving Table (11/27/09)

Gundogs go for Wetlands (11/20/09)

The Birds Attack…in Wetlands – Better put “eyes” on the back of your hat (11/13/09)

When Wetlands Can’t Bear it, Wear it! (11/06/09)

Mark Trail, What a guy! (10/30/09)

Wetland Documentaries (10/23/09)

Recommended Wetland Videos (10/16/09)

Things that Slither and Snap (10/09/09)

Play the Get-out-into-Wetlands Card (10/02/09)

Eco-Art (9/25/09)

Wetland Criminals: Eagle Shooters (9/18/09)

Swamp Rock (9/11/09)

The Common Cormorant, or Shag, is a Management Quagmire (9/04/09)

Wildlife Refuge Fall Events & Wetland Restoration Workshop (8/28/09)

Decoys and Bird Carvers Go Together (8/21/09)

Endangered Vacations: A Top Ten List (8/14/09)

Alien Species Found on Lake Michigan Shoreline in NW Indiana (8/14/09)

Sharks in Wetlands (8/07/09)

Not Exactly a Day at the Beach (7/31/09)

Well, that’s just ducky (7/24/09)

Listen to the Call of the Wild…on your Cell Phone (7/17/09)

CSI Wetlands: The Case of the Illegal Dumpsite & Geoforensics (7/10/09)

Dirty Gold, Dug Dirt Deep – Will the Alaskan Pebble Mine Controversy Have a Ripple Effect? (7/03/09)

Why Does the Turtle Cross the Road (6/26/09)

An Alternative Summer Vacation: Follow the Maine Birding Trail (6/19/09)

Bog Snorkeling (6/12/09)

What is a Fairy House (6/05/09)

Wetland Video Games: You Can Be Master of the Marsh! (5/29/09)

Bog Bodies – Not for the Faint of Stomach (6/22/09)

What is a Geo-Cache Adventure? Go hunting in a wetland…for hidden treasure (5/15/09)

Edible Wetlands (5/08/09)

Strange Wetlands – Skunk Picture (5/1/09)

Crimes in Wetlands (4/24/09)

Shark Swarm (4/10/09)

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