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Strange Wetlands: Bog Snorkeling

The first official ‘bog snorkeling championships’ were held in Wales in 1985. The competitive sport involves a 60 yard trench that is dug out of a peatbog. Snorkelers must be sober, but a wetsuit is optional. The sporting event has become internationally known and has attracted competitors from around the globe. For many years, ASWM has suggested a wetlands tri-athalon, which would involve bog snorkeling in one leg of the race. Perhaps the other two might be leap-frog relays through a meadow and kayaking through a swamp.  There are a number of different ways to prepare a course a and hold an event so it’s important to check local, state and federal regulations before organizing such a sporting event in area wetlands.  Negative impacts on wetlands should be avoided or minimized.  Here are some links to bog snorkeling championship photos.

The World Bog Snorkeling Championships,29307,1836069,00.html

Extreme Bog Snorkeling in Wales

Cookeemama’s Rambles: Welsh Bog Snorkeling Championships (includes video)

Bob Snorkeling

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  1. Bog Snorkeling in Wales is quite popular! Until finding your site, tho, I didn’t realize that it was done in the US, too!! It has really economically helped the small town that hosts it.

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