Providing Easy Online Access to Geospatial Data on Wetlands and Soils and Related Information

The Association of State Wetland Managers in collaboration with Virginia Tech’s Conservation Management Institute (CMI) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Northeast Region have created Wetlands One-Stop Mapping to provide easy online access to geospatial data on wetlands and soils produced by federal and state agencies.  Because different agencies post data on their own sites, there is not a single place to go for this information.  Wetlands One-Stop Mapping provides links to these and other websites. It provides online access to classification tools for adding hydrogeomorphic-type to wetland inventory data and the results of National Wetlands Inventory+ projects (maps and reports). The geospatial information is linked to aerial imagery (and topographic maps) through ESRI’s ArcGIS (including ArcGIS Explorer) for easy viewing of wetlands, their characteristics, and functions for areas where NWI+ data are available.

The website also provides links to other federal and state websites that contain information on wetlands and geospatial wetland data.  Among the national datasets accessible via Wetlands One-Stop Mapping are the NWI’s wetlands mapper, USDA’s web soil survey, USGS’s national hydrography data and hydrologic units (HUCs).  Links are also provided to NatureServe Explorer and the U.S. National Vegetation Classification Hierarchy Explorer along with guidance on how to extract descriptions of wetland plant communities from those sites for specific areas of interest.

The site also provides information about the activities of the Wetland Mapping Consortium including future and past recorded webinars, Coastal Mapping Resources, a summary of the status of state wetland mapping and links to federal and state wetland delineation manuals, numerous wetland publications, and federal agency wetland program websites.

Wetlands One-Stop Mapping Links by Subject

Introduction to Wetlands One-Stop Mapping

National Wetlands Inventory (NWI)

Wetland Primer

Wetland Mapping Training

NWI+ Data & Information

FWS Wetlands Mapper

LLWW Classification

NWI+ Data Layers

NWI+ Mapper

NWI+ Reports

National Data Sets & Information

State Wetland Mapping Summaries

State Wetland Program Websites & Data

Wetland Plant Community Information

Wetland Mapping Consortium

Wetland Classification Image Gallery

Reports & Publications

Other Mapping & Wetland Resources