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SpecTIR Announces Hyperspectral Data Sets to Support Oil Spill Environmental Impact Assessments in the National Wildlife Refuges and Coastal Wetlands of the Gulf of Mexico

Directions Magazine

SpecTIR continues the campaign to make available the ProSpecTIR VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral data collected from the Gulf of Mexico coastal wetlands immediately prior to the oil landing onshore.   The data set consists of spectral and spatial  imagery of 2000 sq km of highly sensitive coastal wetlands  of the Gulf. It can be used as baseline environmental data to aid in future impact assessments, as well as monitor changes to wetlands health, and to assist in the detection and mitigation efforts associated with the oil spill.

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Osprey Camera Goes Online at Wetlands Institute

Cape May County Herald

South Jersey has its first online osprey nest, because of a new camera on a nest outside the Wetlands Institute, 1075 Stone Harbor Blvd. Birdwatchers around the world can watch a live video feed from the platform adjacent to the Institute and Stone Harbor Boulevard at  For full story, click here.


NE: Nebraska judge strikes down legislature’s move allowing Keystone XL route

By Lenny Bernstein The Washington Post February 19, 2014

NE: Funk WPA wetlands one of many beneficiaries from fall flood diversions
By Lori Potter – LEXCH – November 18, 2013

NE: When Colorado floodwaters rolled into Nebraska, CNPPID didn’t let this opportunity
By Lori Potter – Kearney Hub – November 17, 2013

NE: UNL Climate Change Study to Include Human Causes
Seattle PI – November 7, 2013

NE: CNPPID floodwater diversions continue, helping recharge wetlands
Kearney Hub – LEXCH – October 8, 2013

NE: CNPPID floodwater diversions continue, helping recharge wetlands
Kearney Hub LEXCH October 8, 2013

NE: Bill calls for study of how climate change might affect Nebraska agriculture
By Brent Martin – Nebraska Radio Network – April 25, 2013

PLJV: Tools to Help Prioritize Playas and Rainwater Basins
Playa Lakes Joint Venture – February 2013