Wetland Jobs Board

In addition to the job postings below, ASWM has compiled a list of links to water resources and/or wetland-related job postings.  Click here.  To submit a wetland-related job announcement to the ASWM site, send the job title, a brief description, a link to the full description, closing date, relevant contact info and website to sharon@aswm.org

Job: Stormwater Monitoring Technician, NC

The Water Resources Department for the City of Greensboro, North Carolina seeks a Stormwater Monitoring Technician. The Stormwater Monitoring Technician will be responsible for the collection and analysis of water quality data; routine inspections of stormwater control measures; investigations of spills and pollution complaints; as well as provide technical assistance to internal and external clients for the City of Greensboro’s Stormwater Management Division. In addition to those routine duties, this position will also be responsible for responding to citizen requests regarding water quality and runoff problems; assisting various agencies in the tracking of spills and/or sources of illegal discharges and dumping; identifying and eliminating illicit connections to the storm sewer system; enforcing the City’s stormwater ordinance; monitoring of streams during dry and wet weather conditions; conducting inspections of industrial facilities; maintenance and care of field sampling equipment, evaluation/analysis and management of monitoring related data, and the preparation of technical reports. This position must frequently utilize professional knowledge and judgment to interpret and apply local, state and federal regulatory requirements for the protection of streams and the environment. In addition, this position frequently performs field work in potentially hazardous locations such as streambeds and during inclement weather. Some work will involve occasional lifting (usually not more than 25 pounds) and carrying of equipment over sloped or uneven terrain. Some work is unscheduled and may occur outside the 8am-5pm standard workday.  For more information, click here. Position No. 5801. Closing date is October 10, 2014.

Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellowships Now Open

Applications for the Earth Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship program is now open. The fellowships provide scholars who have developed unique, cross-disciplinary approaches during their graduate studies with the opportunity to further develop and apply their expertise to critical issues of sustainable development. More information about the program and the application can be found on the Earth Institute website. This year’s deadline is October 31.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Univ. of Missouri

Dr. Jason Hubbart, School of Natural Resources Water Resources Program,University of Missouri seeks applications for a post-doctoral research associate (PRA) who will investigate land-use impacts on stream response to precipitation and runoff, and sediment transport and loading in a mixed land-use watershed of the central US. The incumbent will use a multi-year data set from a nested-scale experimental watershed study to improve quantitative understanding and model predictive confidence of land-use impacts on flow and suspended sediment regimes. 


Job: Field Support Assistant, MD

The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) is seeking an energetic full-time Field Support Assistant (FSA) to support the organization’s shell recycling alliance program in the Baltimore/Washington DC metro area. The position will be responsible for weekly collection of recycled oyster shell as well as assist with other outreach and community events including assisting with delivery operations of Maryland’s citizen oyster growing program. For more information, click here.

Job: Fisheries Scientist, MD

The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) in Annapolis, Maryland is seeking a Fisheries Scientist to support projects focused on improving the management and sustainable use of Chesapeake Bay fisheries resources. Ideal candidates will have a background in fisheries management with experience working with resource agencies, scientists, and commercial and recreational fishing stakeholder groups. For more information, click here. Applications due by September 19, 2014. 

Job: Fisheries Program Manager, MD

The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) in Annapolis, Maryland is seeking a Fisheries Program Manager to support projects focused on improving the management and sustainable use of Chesapeake Bay fisheries resources. Ideal candidates must have a background within the Chesapeake Bay fisheries industry with experience working with resource agencies and commercial fishing stakeholder groups. For more information, click here. Application due by September 19, 2014.

Job: Postdoctoral Scientist - Wetland Ecosystem Science, MA

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Ecosystems Center located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts is seeking applicants for a postdoctoral scientist who will conduct research focusing on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in restored coastal salt marshes along a salinity gradient on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The postdoc will have access to the excellent research facilities and state-of-art laboratories and instrumentation that mentors will provide. The postdoc will be co-mentored by Dr. Jim Tang at MBL and Dr. Kevin Kroeger at the USGS Woods Hole Science Center. This is a one-year position subject to extension pending funding approval, or a two-year half-time position. Applications will be reviewed immediately and this position will be filled as soon as possible. For more information, click here. Posting No. 0000731. 

Two Graduate Research Assistantships, Ball State Univ., Indiana

Two MS and two PhD Research Assistant positions are available at Ball State University (BSU), Muncie, Indiana. Students will join federally-funded collaborative research projects studying emerging contaminants in aquatic ecosystems in conjunction with ongoing research in the laboratory of Dr. Melody Bernot in the Department of Biology. Doctoral students would join the BSU interdisciplinary PhD Environmental Science program. Graduate Research Assistantships are available beginning January 2015. Interested students should contact Melody Bernot (mjbernot@bsu.edu) for additional information and to discuss individual research interests. Students should apply to Ball State University by November 1, 2014 for full consideration. Details on the application process can be found here.